Sharif Faust Law Firm in San Diego Sharif | Faust Lawyers, Ltd. is a full-service law firm, dedicated not only to assisting clients with their court cases, but also helping them with their business transactions.  We routinely handle trials and appeals, and represent clients in civil/business, family, and criminal disputes.  Most of our clients are small business owners, and for many a lawsuit is a one-time event.  As a result, our law firm recognizes that such an event is a major milestone and do not forget the client when we go to court.  We as a law firm value honesty and integrity, and resolve to assist our clients at a fair rate.  In certain cases, we are also able to alternative billing arrangements.  We also speak Farsi and/or Persian and Spanish.

To us, the practice of law is about understanding people and their goals in life.  Every case is different and every client has a different expectation of their case.  What never changes and always remains a constant, are the facts of the case!  Understanding the facts is a start for our lawyers.  We work hard to learn about you and your case.  We will then suggest to you our solution to your problem and if we are on the same page, we may then be able to establish a working relationship.  As a lawyer and an officer of the court, we see it as our honorable duty to seek justice and to help our clients to do what is right!  We find ourselves most critical of our own clients.  You will always have our honest opinion about your case.

What sets us apart from the competition?

We don’t forget the client.  So often nowadays, law firms focus only on billable rates and forget that their job is to help their clients!  Because many of our clients do not wish to go to court unless they have to, we recognize the importance of a court case when they do.  That means we explain the proceedings and maintain an open line of communication.  We also provide timely and accurate billing statements so our clients are not left wondering what is happening in their case.

Professional Affiliations/Memberships

  • Arbitrator: SDCBA Committee on Mandatory Fee Arbitration
  • American Inns of Court-Louis M. Welsh Inn
  • Member of the United States District Court (Southern, Central, and Eastern District of California)
  • Member of the California State Bar
  • Member of the Wisconsin State Bar
  • Member of the San Diego County Bar Association
    • Member, Civil Litigation Section
    • Member, Family Law Section
    • Member, Children at Risk Committee (past member)
    • Member, Ethnic Relations & Diversity Committee
    • Member, Community Service Committee
    • Member/Arbitrator, Fee Arbitration Committee
  • San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Delta Theta Phi, International